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Top Gear Releases Glimpse of Season 24: Life After Chris Evans

With all the hoopla that is The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, the show formerly known as the most popular show in television has gone slightly under the radar, which might be a good thing with all the drama that happened earlier this year.

Chris Evans is completely out and Joey aka Matt LeBlanc is now locked up as the lead host. LeBlanc starts his two season contract with Chris Harris and Rory Reid as his co-hosts and a lot of people are curious to see if this younger core of hosts are going to make Top Gear a worthy competitor to The Grand Tour.

*Updated – The Latest Trailer can be Found Here*

In this teaser, it looks like the hosts are working on their chemistry with some hands/knees free shenanigans.

Let’s hope they step up their game, so we can see Clarkson, Hammond and May step up their game as well!



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  1. Clarkson, Hammond and May made that show what it was, NOT THE PRODUCERS. And as you will see, there will never be a comparison to that trio, So……. Top gear, give up. Your just losing money.

  2. Fifth Gear is to Top Gear, as Top Gear is to The Grand Tour…. IRRELEVANT! The only thing that could save it now is a complete hard reboot. Possibly returning it back into its pre Clarkson (2003) era.

    As it is now I think Clarkson hit it with his BMW Quip they tried very hard, and failed miserably. And to continue as they are is faitaly flawed.

    I’m not sure what the future of the Grand Tour is beyond the Third Series. I was under some impression that may was hinting at retirement. If that is the case I hope they can manage to give us one hell of a send off.

    But, as to Top Gear…? Let it die already!

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