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Top Gear Season 24 Trailer Conveniently Debuts After The Grand Tour Season

In what was a predictable move by the BBC, the latest teaser by the new Top Gear was released on a Saturday (traditionally a low engagement time during the week) and after the final episode of The Grand Tour Season 1 aired.

As you can see below, the BBC are trying to poke fun at themselves while showcasing the “fun” the hosts are going to have on this upcoming season. The odd thing is they have still yet set a date for the new series and one can only assume they are waiting for the hype of The Grand Tour to die down to get as fresh a pair of eyes on this show as possible.

Like Jeremy Clarkson has said many times, Top Gear needs to be successful, so that they have a legitimate rival to push them. This only benefits the all the fans as the competition between the shows would surely breed innovation in ideas and execution.

Will you be watching the upcoming series of Top Gear?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hell Yeah. I love Clarkson, Hammond and May, but I have to admit the Grand Tour is far less attractive that their Top Gear used to be. Apart from the Holy Trinity episode, the lack of subtle humour is obvious. There are no delightul scenes like “jag driver’s” any more, and above all there are far too little ne super/hypercars involved. Their Conversation Street is no match for “THE NEWS”, celebrity brain crash is dreadfulf and the American gives no fresh air, as he was supposed to. However the guyes are still magic and magnetising.

    Still, I look forward to seeing the ne Top Gear. I agree tha LeBlanc in studio was wooden, and Evans with his squeaky voice was just awful, but the Top Gear remains far better as a car show then the Grand Tour.

    I am glad that the shows will compete because I believe that it will force the Grand Tour to be better on cars, and Top Gear better on the show itself. It’s gonna be one hell of rivalisation!

  2. I’ve lasted whole 15minutes of first Ginger Gear episode. Don’t want to be burned again, so I think I’ll skip this thing. LeBlanc’s performance wasn’t good. You could see it was scripted as hell. At least in that time I managed to endure.

  3. Boring……None of the hosts have any personality, they describe the cars like Alan rickman describing paper.

  4. I’m pretty sure that whenever they get around to broadcasting it I will be otherwise engaged (washing hair, counting blades of grass, checking on drying paint, etc….). Really, why are the BBC continuing to waste their limited funds on this? Top Gear ended when Clarkson, Hammond and May left. It’s now just like a second rate rock band with none of the original members, just trading on a name. RIP Top Gear.

  5. Listen “Top Gear” you absolutely have nothing compared to The Grand Tour. You will never have that brotherly love like Jeremy, Hammond and May!! I couldn’t even watch your stupid clip all the way through… Please stop.
    A honest fan.

  6. Who cares? It’s just business for Amazon and the BBC at the end of the day.

    If you enjoy it watch it. If you don’t then dont!

  7. Top Gear is still on? I’ve switched totally to Grand Tour. Top Gear now is like wanting a banana split and all you have is peas and carrots.

  8. Fifth Gear was the best motoring programme, because it was actually about cars. The Grand Tour is rubbish and the latest incarnation of Top Gear will probably try to copy it. Motoring programmes made by committees and people with over inflated egos.

  9. I might watch to see if it is any good, but if it is a bad as last season, I will stop watching quicker than the Stig’s lap time.

  10. Let’s face it. The Grand tour was just plain bad. Ep1 was great don’t get me wrong. But the American driver was just annoying, the ongoing joke of celebrity brain crash got old after episode 1 and all the comedy of the show felt so forced that there were just no laughs to be had.

  11. I will give it a miss. I watched The Grand Tour, as I once watched that other motoring show that shall not be named, and very much enjoyed it. I would like to confirm that in Scotland I did see Oliver rolling up with a new blue paint job. My first car was an Opel Kadett (1976). I loved that car more than any conveyance in the whole of my life. I had hope that Oliver would be mentioned.

  12. Why would I not watch? It’s a car show, we now have two to watch, that’s a good thing. There is no war between them, if top gear fails that isn’t going to help TGT…

  13. I’ll watch for the fact that once and for all we can agree it’s about the cars….ahem, I mean the hosts.

  14. I went to Top Gear for Clarkson, May and Hammond. They’re not there so I have no inclination to watch TG. EVER!!

  15. I have to admit, that’s a pretty funny preview. I too would like to see Top Gear be successful. After all, what’s wrong with numerous motoring shows that feature staggering cinematography of awesome cars? I’m more than willing to give it another chance- and I think the change of hosts was a good move. I can only hope that they are given enough room and time to develop their own chemistry as presenters.

    1. In which case, I’d recommend the grand tour – it’s almost as interesting as watching paint dry and just as predictable.

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