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Top Gear Series 24 Premiere Date Announced With a New Reasonably Priced Car

It looks like Series 24 is doing everything in their power to distance themselves from the less than loved Series 23 of Top Gear. In addition to slashing most of the cast down to just Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris, and Rory Reid, the show has also done away with the Star In a Rallycross Car segment as well. Fresh start, right?

When Series 24 premieres on March 13th in the US (March 5th for the UK), the show will have essentially eliminated any remaining traces of Chris Evans’ tenure as host. Gone is the Star In a Rallycross car segment, and also gone is the rallycross car itself, the Mini Cooper. In its place is a new (reasonably priced?) car that I’m very excited about: the Toyota GT86.

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The GT86 has been featured quite prominently on Top Gear, and for good reason. Despite the fact that it features an engine that The American would scoff at (a boxer four), the GT86 is basically great fun in a small package: front engine, rear wheel drive, 6 speed manual (or auto, bleh), fastback coupe styling, and tiny, drift happy wheels. And I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. Honestly if it weren’t for my love of Mustangs, I would have seriously considered buying one of these.

With the GT86, it is still unclear if the Star In a Reasonably Priced car segment will return as we knew it. The GT86 is not exactly “reasonable” (base model starts at just over $26,000), but it’s more reasonable than, say, a Porsche 911? So I guess it just depends on how you look at it. This time around, celebs will be instructed not only by The Stig, but also by Chris Harris, who is no slouch behind the wheel as well. They’re in good hands.

I’m actually very much looking forward to Series 24. Jeremy, James, and Richard might be gone, but I am 100% ok with a show that features Chris Harris and Rory Reid as part of the main presenting trio. Those guys will do just fine.

SOURCE | The Sun

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  1. I do agree with Bruce on this one. The reasonably priced car segment was good partly because they were, as he said, shopping trolleys. Plus, I kinda liked the rally cross bit, and nothing seems more British than a Mini. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for series 24, and I hope it does well for them!

  2. Matt Le Boring does not have the charisma to carry this off. Matt seemed reasonable when the Ginger was there, but now that he is gone, Matt’s lack of personality will ‘shine’ through. Yawn.

  3. Actually, while the engine of the GT86 is a “boxer” (flat-4) it is not turbo-charged. However, as good as the under-rated GT86 is, to me the ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ should be a shopping trolley – bring back the “Cee- Apostrophe-D” !!

    1. You’re absolutely right, Bruce! Not sure why I put a turbo four. It has been corrected. Thanks for pointing that out!

  4. Top gear sucks since james richard and jeremy left. I have an idea. Have all 3 of the new top gear guys pile in the reasonably priced car and see how many cliffs we can drive it off until there dead. Be the best episode yet.

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