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Top Gear To Produce A Tribute Film For Sabine Schmitz After Her Passing

Sabine Schmitz passed away last week after a long fight with cancer. At the young age of 51, she left the motoring world aching with her loss, and hundreds, if not thousands of colleagues, friends, and family members called out on social media to show their respect to the incredible German racing driver.

Now, Chris Harris, Top Gear presenter, has posted to Twitter revealing that the BBC car show has already started production of a tribute film for the Queen of the Nurburgring.

He said the following:

“For those asking about a Sabine film – production has already started on an upcoming tribute to her – and we’ll release more information on when and how fans can watch it later in this current series.”

Sabine first gained a following after showing incredible talent behind the wheel, and winning the 24 Hours Nurburgring in 1996 and 1997 behind the wheel of a BMW M3. Since then, she gained even more fame when she was featured on Top Gear alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Initially, she taught Clarkson how to drive a diesel Jaguar S-Type around the ‘Ring in 10 minutes, before proclaiming that she could do the same time in a van.

It turned out, she could, with her bringing a stripped-out van to the end of the track in just 10:08.

Chris Harris has worked with Sabine before on Top Gear, and I’d expect he’s raced or worked with her on other projects, too. It’s no surprise that the journalist wants to push for a tribute to her through Top Gear, which has already dedicated its last episode to Sabine.

We can’t wait to see the film dedicated to Sabine.

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