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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Discusses The Tesla Cybertruck

“It looks like it was designed by a four-year-old.” That’s how Chris Harris explains the aesthetics of the famed Tesla Cybertruck in a discussion with Top Gear Depute Editor Jack Rix ahead of the upcoming Christmas Special.

The Top Gear presenter quickly resorts to the word ‘LEGO’ when asked about the Cybertruck, referring to the trolling attempt from the Danish company after the truck’s release. He launches into a discussion about the validity of Elon Musk and Tesla, especially after the Silicone Valley company pitted the all-electric pickup against a Ford F-150 in two-wheel drive mode, then exclaims that the thing is faster than a Porsche GT3 RS. “Absolute rubbish,” he calls it.

On the other hand, Chris describes Musk as a natural disruptor who is always able to come out with a result, but he questions how realistic the design of this vehicle is in regards to safety regulations, despite it “not looking too bad”.

Chris is very adamant on one thing, though: “He made a rocket that can land, so he can do anything.

“I still don’t believe those things are real,” he jokes. “They reverse thrust onto the ground!”

Of course, this discussion has to end on a serious note, so he’s asked whether he would drive either a Tesla Cybertruck or a DMC DeLorean. He swiftly chooses the Cybertruck, declaring that the DeLorean is utter rubbish in the process.

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