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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Roasts Jeremy Clarkson After Car Show Undergoes Legendary Change

Chis Harris of Top Gear roasts Jeremy Clarkson in a recent interview. The Top Gear presenter was boasting that the show has recently moved from BBC Two to BBC One, something that Jeremy, Richard Hammond, and James May failed to do. Harris said, “obviously we are toast because we’ve just been promoted to BBC One.” Firing back at the ever-critical Jeremy Clarkson. 

The newly casted Top Gear has had a ratings boost since they moved away from the Matt LeBlanc fronted fiasco. LeBlanc was cast with the extremely difficult job of replacing the legendary trio after Clarkson was fired and Richard and James resigned. Ever since then, Top Gear and The Grand Tour have been in a constant battle over what’s left of the viewing audience, like divorced parents fighting over custody of the kids in court. 

Not all of the trio’s global following carried over to their new show on Amazon, The Grand Tour. Some of this loss of viewership can be attributed to the fact that you now have to buy an Amazon Prime membership to watch the show. Amazon has recently recognized this issue and released a DVD set you can order to your front door, without having to subscribe to Prime. Needless to say, the “fracas” that set all of this in motion has resulted in an ever-growing loss of viewership for Top Gear. Perhaps this is the BBC’s final push to get consistently high ratings before booting the decades-old show. 

Top Gear’s ratings plummeted with most fans vowing to never watch again after Clarkson was sacked and the boys followed him. Now though, they are receiving more help than ever from the BBC to get the show back on its feet, after the cast change. We are seeing much of the same from The Grand Tour as well, totally changing their format to a ‘special only’ show. With millions of viewers looking for their new favorite show, the winner will ultimately be whoever finds their stride first. With both shows making major changes this certainly feels like a “last chance” for both The Grand Tour and Top Gear.

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  1. I wish the BBC would license Grand Tour and stick it on BBC2 , and Top gear on BBC1 then we get both. I am not paying prime from Amazon so I can get a load of fake prime chinese cack the next day.

  2. Two reasons for the move to BBC “One”. They’re attempting to save their investment by moving it the adult table and TG is so vanilla, bland and PC now, they can take the chance. Old TG could produce ratings regardless of One, Two or time slot.

  3. pretty simply.. top gear is clarckson, may and hammond. their format… or lack of… is the defining element of the show. trying to recreate that in any way is stupid. bbc can have a car show but it’s not or ever will be top gear again.

  4. Why not both? I don’t understand why some people still seem determined to pick one or the other.
    I’m not going to lie, when the series was taken over with about 12 different presenters and helmed by Chris Evans it was trash. Now however it’s actually pretty damn good again. Chris is a genuine car nut and probably a better driver than any of the “best” trio (C, H and M), Paddy and Freddie are great comic relief and super competitive. Some of it is a little forced and contrived but the same can be said for TGT.
    In short, I’m happy with both shows airing. It’s just more car-related fun in my eyes.

    Also I’m not sure what the obsession is with media making out like there’s some real hatred between the two shows. “Harris roasts the ever critical Clarkson”? No, he didn’t and no he isn’t.

  5. The biggest mistake made by the BBC was not changing the format of Top Gear. Now it just looks as if they are ripping themselves off.

  6. Not sure why anyone thinks moving to BBC One is a promotion…. Unless crass commercialism and dumbing-down is a good thing. TG is simply playing catch up with GT but without the production values.

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