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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Shows Off Some Of His Insane Car Collection In Recent Video

Top Gear presenter Chris Harris made a rare appearance from his shed on the popular YouTube channel, The Late Brake Show. The private Top Gear host rarely reveals anything about his family life or even car collection. This is somewhat odd being that he stars on what is arguably the most popular motoring show in the world. 

The star said that he doesn’t like to “show off” as he did in his earlier years. When he was 27, he bought a Lamborghini just to “make a splash.” Over the years, though, he has abandoned his ego and sought a quieter personal life. He said that you will never see pictures of his kids on the internet. Harris doesn’t want his children subjected to the same scrutiny that he faced being in the public eye. 

We knew very little about Hariss’ personal car collection before this video. The private Top Gear presenter apparently has quite the collection too. What is interesting about his collection is not necessarily the cars but the commitment. He has tons of sheds all over the place with old classics, Ferraris and new sports cars. His idea of owning a classic vehicle is keeping it properly maintained for life. This means owning multiple, sometimes 3, “parts cars.” The Top Gear star said that it is getting more and more difficult to find spare parts these days so he just buys 2 or 3 backups.



Oddly enough Harris said that his modern Porsche 911 is as fast as a car that he should drive on the road. I guess when he has the luxury of thrashing supercars around a track every day with hundreds of meters of grass in between him and the nearest tree, driving fast on the road is not so tempting. One of the more impressive cars he has is the mint condition Ferrari Testarossa sitting behind him in shot.

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