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Watch Chris Harris Try A Handbrake Turn With An Electronic Parking Brake

Chris Harris has wowed Top Gear viewers with his exceptional knowledge on motoring and impressive hooning skills. And as I’m sure you’re aware, the handbrake turn fits nicely in the middle of this skillset. But with modern manufacturers choosing an electronic parking brake over a good old lever, can the favoured move still be performed?

Nin the video above, Chris Harris puts this to the test with Rory Reid, his co-presenter who was recently demoted to Extra Gear, in the passenger seat.

As you can see, pulling a tiny button on the centre of the console certainly isn’t as effective as pulling a hand brake lever. Where an old fashioned handbrake brakes the rear wheels immediately, it seems as though the electronic handbrake slowly applies the brakes bringing the car to a slow and controlled stop.

Does this mean we will no longer be able to woo a potential partner? Quite possibly, and for that reason, we simply can’t stand behind this modern technology.

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