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Video: Insane Road Bike Reaches 271MPH -New World Record

For me personally, bikes are scary. Saying that, I’ve only even been on the back of one and I’m sure I’d think different if I were the one in control. But for now, I’ll stick loyally to the four wheels of cars. However, cars won’t even be as quick as bikes. And this thought brings me onto the company BigCC Racing and their owner Sean Mills who has produced something spectacular.

This bike, named ‘Project Pisstake’, produces 1000bhp with a little help from that big shiny snail perched on its flank. It’s designed for drag racing – hence the shape.

It’s not overly good at the whole ‘driving on the road’ thing, however. So Sean has another entirely road legal bike which can do both the drag strip, and drive to the supermarket.

Last weekend, the BigCC Team wheeled out their road-legal Hayabusa at Elvington Airfield near York and really put the pedal to the metal (see above). To the point that even in top gear, the bike lost traction.

Breaking the top speed world record for the fastest road-legal motorbike, the rider Phil Wood hit speeds of 271.821mph. The whole run made

Sean said the following:

“A little history today with a road legal motorcycle ! Congratulations to Phil Wood on first a 266mph pass & secondly 271.821mph recorded pass in the flying quarter.

“The flying quarter was started at the standing mile start position but using the average speed of the final quarter mile. That means the bike averaged 271.821 mph over a distance of 402.3 metres to get the 1 way record within the standing 1 mile.

“Big thanks to our co sponsors Steelheart Engineering & BTC- Moto for their support”

Just reading those numbers scare me. Well done to the team on their amazing triumph!

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