911 Magazine Disassembles A Porsche 911 Flat Six For Our Viewing Pleasure

Teardown videos are always pretty awesome to watch (at least for me), and they comprise a huge portion of James May’s The Reassember show. However, even May would have to be impressed with the quality of this video from 911 Magazine showing the teardown of the iconic 911 flat six engine.

Taking apart one of the most iconic engines of all automotive history would have already have been a treat for the eyes of any gearhead, but the quality of 911 Magazine’s video is, quite frankly, second to none:

The video is shot in beautiful high-def stop motion where you can see every intricately made component being taken apart, until what’s left is a beautifully organized collection of engine components laid out in a most aesthetically pleasing manner. Somewhere, James May just felt “The Fizz.”

Thank you to the good folks over at Jalopnik for the heads up!

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