Another Day, Another Mustang Plows Into A Crowd

Would you like to know what I have never done in my Mustang? Crashed it into a crowd of people, or crashed it at all. Would you like to know why I have never crashed my Mustang? Because I’m not a moron. Despite what you might see on YouTube these days, it’s actually REALLY easy to not crash a Mustang. The solution is simple: use your brain, and don’t drive like a dumbass.

That’s advice this Mustang owner should have taken before he/she started showing off with a bunch of drifty donuts he/she clearly couldn’t handle. As you can see, the Mustang performs a couple of donuts, then decides to plow into the crowd. And this time, THE CROWD GOES WILD…with anger.

At this time, no one knows who the driver of the Mustang is, and luckily, there were no injuries reported in the crash. The crowd started attacking the car while the Mustang driver makes a lame attempt to flee, but everyone soon dispersed after the police arrived.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a video of me last year leaving a Cars and Coffee event. Notice something interesting about the video? That’s right, I didn’t crash or hit anyone! Imagine that!

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