Aston Martin’s £65 Million Housewarming Video

Everyone needs to relax a bit sometimes, and after all the work Aston has been doing as of late, they are well deserving of a bit of fun. £65 million worth of fun to be exact.

At their newly procured ex RAF base, St Athan in Wales, they take to their models of both past and present and lay down some rubber.

From the DB10 to the DB4, and Vulcan to… Cygnet… They stretch the legs of ex Lotus, now Aston Chief Engineer  Matt Becker and Aston works drivers Darren Turner and Nicki Thiim, as they find out how lacking in grip the factory floors are.

Sit back and enjoy this incredible video by Aston Martin. Float in the nostalgia of the classics and bask in the extreme styling and engineering of the modern cars.

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