Car Goes Airborne And Ends Up In 2nd Story Of Building

“Speeding has never killed anyone…it’s suddenly becoming stationary that gets you.” Wiser words were never spoken as Jeremy Clarkson explains why speeding isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Sure we joke about it, but if it weren’t for speeding drivers under the influence of drugs, would we have interesting stories like this?

The driver admitted to being under the influence of drugs as he was speeding along northbound French Street in Santa Ana, CA, after which he hit a median in the street, went airborne, and found himself embedded in a second story dental office.

Orange County Fire Authority Captain Stephen Horner said that the car caught fire after it entered the building. The driver managed to get out and proceeded to dangle from the bottom of the car until the police could catch him.

The driver admitted to using drugs and was taken to a hospital along with another passenger. Both suffered nothing more than minor injuries, and no other injuries were reported. Kids, don’t do drugs. This story could have had a much more terrible ending.



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