Chevrolet Corvette C8 Is Being Sold With Embarrassingly Poor Quality Control

The Corvette is an icon. Arguably one of the most iconic American cars ever built, along with the Mustang. As such, you’d think that GM would demand that their factories put out their very best, as car enthusiasts and journalists will be crawling all over the newly redesigned Stingray for months, if not years. Sadly, instead of the hero’s welcome, we are seeing faults that are glaring enough to make me think that this is NOT the vehicle that you’ll want to put $70,000+ into.

A new owner posted a picture of his Stingray at pick-up, and if you look at the stitching above the glovebox, you can clearly see what would drive most people insane if they’d actually accepted this vehicle. Was this stitched on a boat while at sea?  Was the quality assurance inspector inebriated?

Others have pointed out that the longer you stare at this photo, the more horrible it gets, and they’re correct. In the far upper-right, it appears that the door trim doesn’t match up with the trim near the front pillar. Easy enough to overlook when picking up your new car, but after 3 or 4 stoplights, I doubt any car enthusiast would be able to see anything other than those errant stitches and misaligned trim pieces.

This isn’t a mass-produced car for daily driving and grocery-getting. This is the Corvette Stingray reborn! We’re begging you General Motors, we know you’re better than this, so tell us you’re fixing it and all will be forgiven. We want to love this car!

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