De Tomaso Returns – The Legend Is Back!

The legendary company that was founded originally by the Argentinian Alejandro de Tomaso in 1959 looks to be returning after a trademark was registered on the Intellectual Property Office website.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the logo has been updated to look more modern, however we still don’t know who has actually filed the trademark.

Their Pantera, their most popular car, which is also appearing in Season 3 of The Grand Tour, was not only a gorgeous looking car, but also a gorgeous sounding car. As you can hear from the video below.

The latest De Tomaso was produced in 1993 named the Guara which was underwhelming, and anything after that – a 2-seater sports car never came to fruition, neither did the off-roader that they hinted at.

By blending Italian styling and American powertrains, they created some extreme cars. Unfortunately they ran out of money, but hopefully this return will see some more muscle filled supercars on the road.

We can’t wait!

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