Fast and Furious 9: The Orange Toyota Supra Returns

The original Fast and Furious film featured one of the most iconic cars of the entire franchise, the Toyota Supra. Its place on the film has become a thing of legend, and is at least partly responsible for the soaring Supra values at the moment.

But despite Toyota not wanting to be involved in the latest Need for Speed game, they’re more than happy to be involved in The Fast and the Furious 9.

Photos and videos from the behind the scenes of filming have been released, showing the new A90 in a bright orange paint, reflective of the A70 Supra from the first film. In the country of Georgia, the Japanese (German) sports car was spotted alongside a Gurkha LAPV that will more than likely be driven by Hobbs, and a mid-engined Dodge Charger, likely driven by Torreto.

We’ve no idea what’s going on, so let us know what you think is happening in the comments and we’ll keep you updated when we know.

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