Godfather Of The Ford GT Has Passed Away – Weekly Update

There have been a mixture of feelings towards the news of motoring this week. On one hand we welcome the beautiful BMW Z4 and the new Aston Martin Zagato Speedster and Shootingbrake. But on the other, we have to say goodbye to one of the legends within the motoring industry, Roy Lunn.

He was considered to be the ‘Godfather’ of the Ford GT, assisting with its creation during the 1960s, resulting in its epic win against Ferrari in the Le Mans. He was also behind a few other vehicles you may have heard of: The Jeep Cherokee for example, and the Humvee, and the turbojet aircraft.

He was an incredible man and it’s sad to hear of his passing.

The new Ford GT special edition to commemorate the 1967 Le Mans win means so much more now.

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