Here’s What It Looks Like To Drag Race A Dodge Demon

It feels like a long time since the Demon was first announced. As soon as it was even hinted at by Dodge everyone went mad for it, but now it’s been released and the secret’s out, the excitement suddenly died. So maybe this video by Winding Road Magazine will help rekindle the fire that has since died down.

The video shows a Demon in its perfect habitat: the drag strip. With the launch control set and the gearbox set to automatic, it launches its 840hp self down the quarter mile with next to no drama.

Next to no drama? That’s not particularly a good thing… This is the quickest factory car in the world at the moment. We WANT drama! Not just a smooth stint to the end of the strip which it looks like.

However, there has been speculation that it wasn’t running on full power, especially as people have counted each run to be around the 10-11 seconds mark and not the 9 seconds that Dodge have promised – could be something to do with regulations.

So what do you think? Yes it’s incredibly fast in a straight line and a great example of Dodge’s workmanship, but is it too sterile to be exciting? Let me know in the comments below!

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