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Horrible Truck Week Continues With Another Truck /Bridge Mishap

It turns out those warning signs on bridges that post the load limits actually mean something! They’re not just there for decoration, and they might actually save drivers a bit of grief should they choose to read the sign and actually abide by it.

But not this guy! On Sunday morning near Natchez, Mississippi, a dump truck loaded to the brim with gravel decided to ignore the bridge’s sign of an 8,000 lb limit. What happened next can only really be described as “ker plow.”

An official for Adams County, MS says he believes the truck was beyond the bridges 8,000 lb limit. You think?? According to some of the comments, the truck alone without any dirt in it has a tare weight of around 17,6000 lbs. The truck is legal up to 66,800 lbs, so yes, that poor bridge never stood a chance.

The lesson here, and with last week’s freeway incident, is clear: just be aware of your surroundings. That’s it.