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10 Year Old Boy Leads Police On A 45 Mile High Speed Chase

I’m sure every kid who grew up as a car lover has, at one point or another, dreamed about jumping in a car and zooming off to freedom. Maybe even lead the police on a wild chase for a bit. I know I had dreams like that as a young one, but the difference is I never actually made good on those fantasies. This kid did. Twice.

A 10 year old boy stole his mom’s boyfriend’s car this morning and took off on a 45 mile chase, often hitting speeds that topped 100 MPH. His reasoning behind this incident? He was bored.

The chase started at 830AM in Cleveland, when the mother’s boyfriend called the police and said the child took the car. The boy’s mother got in her car and pursued him while calling 911. When the police caught up to the boy and motioned for him to pull over, he simply shook his head and sped up.

The chase finally ended when the boy drove onto the right shoulder to avoid spike strips that were laid out. The boy was pulled from the open window, where he seen kicking and spitting at the troopers. He sounds like a real peachy keen kid.

This is the second time in as many weeks that the boy had done this. He was also stopped on October 16th with three flat tires after taking his mother’s car.

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