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2000HP Nissan GT-R Reaches 6-Second Quarter-Mile At 210MPH Before Destroying Itself

It’s no surprise that a Nissan GT-R named ‘Stormbreaker’ is something that we want to write about, but even without its intimidating name inspired by the axe wielded by Thor, this drag strip dominator would still be turning heads.

With an almost entirely custom front-end allowing for more efficient cooling, air intake, and exhaust, this thing looks as good as it goes. And it goes pretty fast with 2,000 horsepower behind its four wheels. On this TalonTSi97 YouTube video, the car puts down a seriously quick quarter-mile time of 6.97 seconds with a trap speed of 209.95mph.

Covered in carbon fibre body pieces, the lightweight track car lines up for an even faster time. But almost as soon as it launches, it comes to a standstill. It turns out the carbon driveshaft exploded, sending carbon shrapnel not only across the track, but across the innards of the car, damaging the radiator, a number of cables, and fans.

Its day was over, but with this being the first time the car hit a 6-second pass, owner Marcelo Duran of 0260 Performance was very pleased with how the majority of the day had gone. It’ll be rebuilt and back to run for an even lower time.

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