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2020 Audi RS6 Avant Coming To United States

In a win for the wagon enthusiasts, Audi announced that the RS6 Avant will be available in the United States as a 2020 model. Usually the United States will get passed over for certain RS and Avant versions, but not this time. Audi’s rowdy 591-hp wagon will be going head to head with other rowdy German wagon, the 603-hp Mercedes-AMG E63S wagon. These are no Queen Wagon Family Trucksters.

The RS6 will quickly get your kids to soccer practice or band practice, thanks to a 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 with an upgraded 8 speed torque converter automatic and Quattro all wheel drive putting the power down. The permanent Quattro set up is very clever, it has the ability to shift power between the rear wheels to help with handling. The sport differential can shift almost all torque to one rear wheel, roundabouts had better take notice. Specifically designed adaptive air suspension is also an RS6 exclusive, giving you the choice between hardcore track mode, comfortable cruiser, or a mix of the two.

Exterior upgrades will obviously let everyone know that this is no normal station wagon. The front bumper sports a more aggressive look with air ducts to cool the optional carbon ceramic brakes. The styling makeover continues down the sides with a 1.6 inch wider body complete with the obligatory flared wheel arches. The interior also gets some attention with a new MMI touch response system and RS specific displays in the Audi virtual cockpit. The RS6 will be available in 2020 and customer orders will be accepted at a later date.

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