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2020 Corvette C8 Widebody Render Is What We’d Like To See The C9 Looking Like

Whenever a new Corvette comes out, it is always subject to a huge amount of hype  and when the brand new Corvette C8 was released back in July 2019 – nothing had changed in that department.

Now that the C8 has been out for ten months, you’d think the hype might have cooled down a bit and moved onto whatever Corvette will do with the C9, but you’d be wrong.

Car M Style Design have imagined a custom widebody kit for the 2020 Chevy Corvette and we think it looks fantastic. They released the renders via their Facebook page on the 10th May:

This imagination of a widebody Corvette has everything you would expect including broader fenders on the front and rear, carbon fibre extended side skirts and custom bumpers featuring aero upgrades. At the front of the vehicle you can see a sharp splitter and gaping grill whereas the back of the vehicle sports a brand new tailpipe trim, a centre diffuser with metallic finish and a massive rear wing.

To finish things off are the absolutely massive 22 inch wheels as well as the blue accents and carbon fibre trim on the front fenders and mirror caps.

We’d love to see one of these hit the production line over at Corvette – who knows, maybe they’ll take this as inspiration for the C9?

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