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2020 Corvette Owners Complain After Front Trunks Start Opening While Driving

If you’re a petrol head, chances are you love your car almost as much as your own children, or maybe even your partner or maybe even more than all of them combined. A good, faithful car is something everyone needs in their life and it is not difficult to get attached to the vehicle like it was an actual member of your family.

Having said that though, no car is ever perfect. I’m sorry its just not and your 1987 Mustang or whatever is absolutely no exception. You may love it more than your own flesh and blood but there is always going to be something which eventually needs fixing, replacing or removing. Thankfully though its normally a case of unavoidable wear and tear, but sometimes it can be a little more serious.

One set of vehicle owners who have a long list of historical problems with their cars is that of Chevrolet owners. Firstly they are being sued because of their wheels bending and cracking but also have found themselves in hot water due to the poor interior trim quality and more. After all this, its safe to say that we probably wouldn’t want to be working in the Chevy PR department right now.. especially since this latest video has now surfaced.

The video, which was unearthed by CorvetteBlogger, shows the dash cam of a Corvette driver as they are minding their own business and driving around the suburbs, when suddenly the front trunk (or the frunk) opens up without warning blocking the drivers view.

It must have been a horrendous panic for the driver. Further to this, CorvetteBlogger has also discovered that there have been two NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) filings against Chevrolet regarding this issue – with both outlining how the frunk opened up, blocking the drivers view while they were on the road.

While you could certainly argue that the frunk might not have been closed properly and therefore it was human error that caused the issue. However, it would appear this is still an issue on Corvette’s end as you would usually get a warning on the dashboard informing you that the frunk is in-fact open.

We’re not entirely sure what the issue is but we’re sure that Corvette are working hard to fix this. We’ve had no official word from the car manufacturer on a fix as of yet but we’ll update you as soon as we do. You can see the whole video below, drive safe, watch out for rogue frunks and stick with Grand Tour Nation.

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