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2021 Ford Bronco Eager To Prove Its Rock Crawling Abilities – Is It Any Good?

The Ford Bronco is perfectly at home on a trail. At least, the old ones were. Ford has been keen to show us that the new 2021 Bronco is still built to go anywhere with its endless videos of it driving over sand dunes and rocks, but it’s only when the public is able to get their hands on it that the true testing can begin. So how does it do? See the hyperlink below.

The user Volkswaben from gave us an insight into his testing of the new Bronco at an event that involved both two-door and four-door models on the Rubicon Trail in California. This 22-mile trail through the Sierra Nevada is a challenge to even the initiated, and it’s used to test the most potent of off-roaders. It’s no coincidence that Jeep uses it in their model variant names.

Sieve through the photos from Volkswaben, and the video that he’s uploaded to the forum, and let us know how you think the Bronco performed. Obviously, there are things that can be changed such as the tyre pressure, the line the driver took, and a few other small things, but overall we believe it didn’t perform too badly.

Let us know how you think it performed in the comments.

View the video here

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