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2021 Jaguar F-Type Images Leaked – Release Later Today

We’ve spotted the new 2021 Jaguar F-Type in camouflage guise on the UK’s roads lately, but now images of the new design have been leaked, letting us see the entire design of the new sports car.

From the front, you can see that the headlights have been narrowed and are now further towards the front of the car instead of up over the arches. The bonnet also ends lower on reaching the front bumper which has a larger front grille.

The rear doesn’t see much change, but the rear-end of the side windows look like they angle up slight more than the previous generation.

Rumours have it that the F-Type will be retaining its V8 engine as well as its bottom spec 4-cylinder. Autocar has reported that it’s a possibility that the 6-cylinder V6 will by mated to a hybrid powertrain of some sort, putting the manual gearbox option for the car in jeopardy.

The F-Type will be revealed later on today, so stay tuned for the latest on Jaguar’s most gorgeous sports car.

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