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3 Sure Fire Ways To Help Your Kids Fall In Love With Driving

If your little darlings are not so little any more, and they are just about to hit seventeen, then you might be keen for them to get behind the wheel. Learning to drive is one of the most life-affirming experiences. Gaining more freedom is a rite of passage for many. Some kids love learning to drive, whereas others don’t enjoy it because it doesn’t come easy to them. One bad experience when out with you as they try to hone their three-point turn skills and they can be put off for life. If you are keen to help your child fall in love with driving, read on.

Find A Good Instructor

While you might think that you are an amazing teacher and an even better driver, sometimes it’s not the best move to teach your own child how to drive. Arguments can rage, frustrations can set in, and the parent-child bond may never be the same again. Try and secure the services of an instructor who has great reviews locally. Word of mouth recommendations are always best to secure the most effective tuition. Head online and do some research into local driving schools and book a couple of introductory lessons. Trust your child to choose the instructor that they get along with best. By taking some control over their driving lessons, they will be more likely to engage and enjoy their driving experiences.

Buy Them A Car

Every young person learning to drive is keen to get their own set of wheels. While they may enjoy driving the family car, they probably have different ideas when it comes to their ideal car. Motivate them to learn and pass their test by suggesting that you will match any savings they accrue towards a car. Go along to dealerships with them, and take a few test drives. Encourage your child to get a feel for the sort of vehicle they want. This is a great opportunity to teach your offspring about the running costs of car ownership. Consider insurance, tax and servicing costs before your child forks out for a motor. 

Send Them Away On An Experience

While they may not have fully engaged with learning to drive when out on the local roads just yet, you could enthuse them with a driving experience. Venturing to a race track and having a couple of laps with a professional race driver can be thrilling. Alternatively, you can help boost their confidence with some laps in a go-kart. Young people can sometimes lack self-esteem when it comes to driving because this is something new and abstract to them. Many kids aren’t used to failure, and forever stalling a car or not being able to parallel park can see them getting frustrated and giving up. A driving experience off-road or on the track can be a real confidence booster.

If your not so little darling is struggling to engage with driving, follow this guide and get them relishing every chance they have to get behind the wheel.

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