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This 3,000-HP Nissan GT-R Runs A Quarter Mile In Under 7 Seconds

Even though it’s older than the hills and is powered by a lowly V6, the AWD Nissan GT-R in its various guises remains one of the quickest cars on planet Earth. You might not think there was much room for improvement–but tuning company Extreme Turbo Systems found a way. How did they do it? Read their name again.

The reason this car is able to go so fast is, primarily, boost. Following a relatively tame first try to establish that the car wouldn’t blow up, ETS notes in the video that the turbo pressure on the second go was actually cranked up higher than they’ve ever tried before, leading to an extremely lairy run that came perilously close to a massive crash (fortunately, Richard Hammond wasn’t driving).

The third run, however, is the important one; having recovered after a near-wreck experience, the driver ran the quarter in a world record-breaking 6.88 seconds, topping out at a cool 222.93 mph, but that was only at the quarter mark–this thing probably has a top speed that would put any Bugatti to shame. There’s also no mention of how fast the car went from 0-60, but I wouldn’t bet it was slower than a second or so.

Final note: am I the only one who thinks the GT-R looks a bit better without the spoiler?

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