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4 Must-Have Safety Gear For Every Motorcycle Rider

Besides the thrill and the feel of freedom, riding a motorcycle can be a cost-effective and fast way to commute. However, riding a motorcycle comes with some safety concerns, as research suggests it can be more dangerous than driving a vehicle. Fortunately, several safety gear and accessories make you more visible and enhance your safety on the road. Here are four must-have safety gears for every motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle helmet

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A helmet is an important gear every motorcycle rider should have to prevent fatalities. Although this may seem fairly obvious, many riders tend to ignore its importance. Statistical reports show that putting on a helmet prevents fatalities by 37% and reduces head injuries by 69%. With further studies proving that most fatal impacts occur around the forehead and chin bar areas, it is best to pick a motorcycle helmet that protects your facial area and head against collisions. Experts highly recommend going with a full-face helmet instead of an open-face helmet for better coverage and protection.

Get a jacket

Motorcycle jackets are not only really cool but also crucial for your safety. These jackets offer protection as they have proven effective for minimizing injuries when crashes occur. They also provide some comfort and warmth as you usually feel pretty cold when riding a motorcycle. And even though it may be quite hot on some days, it isn’t an excuse not to wear your jacket. However, it is essential to pay attention to which jacket you use, serving very different purposes. 

Eye protection

While most helmets come with visors, riders who don’t have this helmet usually wear sunglasses and goggles to protect their eyes. When riding, fragments of gravel, debris, and dust can enter your eye and cause discomforts such as itchiness and uncontrollable blinking. Sunglasses and eye goggles can protect you from wind, sunlight glare, flying bugs, and even the rain. It is okay to get a full-face helmet to protect your eyes and face. You can likewise get some protection for your eye when using an open-face helmet. Whichever choice you make, getting eye protection is never an option but a must-have. 

Boots and knee guards

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Invest in the appropriate footwear if you want to stay and be in control when motorcycle riding. Motor and road safety experts strongly recommend getting the proper support for your feet and ankle. They are additionally practical for protecting you against any road impacts and hazards. Safety studies suggest that motorcycle boots decrease open wound risks by 90% and foot injury by almost 50%. These numbers are enormous if you think of it. Fortunately, motorcycle boots and knee guards offer good traction on paved surfaces and are designed never to obstruct your gear shifting, pegs, and brakes.

Although these safety gears are helpful, they would not do much if they weren’t made from reliable and high-quality materials. Therefore, be sure to purchase your gear from a reputable company. For example, you can look through the BMW motorcycle clothing, which offers the best safety, style, and comfort gear.

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