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6 Things Every New Driver Should Know

Most people who take driving lessons study road rules and proper driving techniques before actually driving a car. And while you may learn about all the complicated car parts and steering techniques, there are some basic things you should never forget when you get on the road. Here are a few of them. 

  • Do not overthink

If you’re not good at multitasking, then you should learn how to, because driving is going to require a lot of it. You may feel under pressure and overwhelmed when you first get behind the wheel and try to remember everything you read all at once. You need to be more present in the moment and not inside your head all the time. Pay attention to the task at hand and try to have a clear head and focus.

  • Get rid of distractions

Being distracted while driving is not a good idea. Especially if you are new to driving, if you don’t concentrate, you may end up in a bad situation. Your phone should be off or on silent so that it does not cause you to lose focus. If possible, don’t have music on, but if you must it shouldn’t be too loud. 

  • Keep a safe distance

The experienced driver who teaches you will tell you that their biggest fear when driving is the next driver. You can be as careful as possible and still be a victim of a careless driver. Because of this, you must leave a safe distance between you and other vehicles around, especially when it is your first time driving.

  • Don’t drive in interstates and major highways

You are going to drive on these types of roads as time passes but not when you are still a beginner driver. You need to be a bit more polished with your driving before venturing these kinds of roads. You’ll still need more experience the first time you grab the wheel, and there’s no need putting yourself in danger when you’re still learning to perfect your driving.

  • Adjust mirrors correctly 

You create a blind spot for yourself as a new driver when you do not adjust your mirrors correctly, and you may miss other cars travelling in adjacent traffic lanes. So adjust your side-view mirrors so that you cannot see your car in them. The rear-view mirror should be adjusted in such a way that you see the back window of your vehicle. 

  • Learn to feel where the wheels are

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To be able to avoid potholes, you have to learn how to feel where the wheels are so that you do not scratch your hand hubcaps when parking. For practice, you can step on a plastic bottle with your foot and place it on the road. Use this to practice by driving over it with your right and left front wheels in turn. You can keep the window open to hear the crunch.

Driving is one of the activities you’ll adequately need to practice for as it can quickly put you in a life or death situation. So make sure whoever is taking you on this first journey is very experienced. And if you want a driver’s license as soon as possible, get intensive driving lessons from BSM. With them, you can go from total beginner to a qualified driver in only two weeks.

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