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7 Rules For When You Drive On The Nürburgring

On most weekends and evenings, the Nürburgring is open as a public road. For a small fee, you can drive any road-legal car about the German racing track and admire its incredible corners, gorgeous surrounding landscape, and everlasting straights. But there’s a reason as to why its nickname is The Green Hell. It’s dangerous, and that’s why we’ve put this list together of things you should and shouldn’t do at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Overtaking in a dangerous way

As the ‘Ring is a public road, you must treat it as so. Therefore, you should always be as careful as possible while overtaking, and only overtake on the left. You shouldn’t overtake on the right, and you must take extreme care so as to not endanger anyone else on the road.

When you drive the ‘Ring, you’re not racing. Don’t treat it like a competitive race.

No lap timing

After Clarkson’s sub-ten minute run in a diesel Jaguar, the 10 minute lap has become that of legend.  Yes, of course you want to go faster and brag about your time back at home, but no can do. Lap timing is strictly forbidden, and if you’re found doing this, it could result in a driving ban. You can however record your lap with a camera. This will enable you to track your lap time post-drive. But again, this is a public road – maybe not the best place to give it 110%?

Driving off after a crash

If you drive in the ‘Ring a lot, you’re more than likely to be involved in some kind of incident. You need to get out of your car as fast as you can and make your way behind the safety barriers to where a marshal can escort you. But if it’s not safe to get out of your car, don’t!

If your car is stuck in the middle of the track, in another dangerous position, or if you’re hurt, stay in your car. The track marshals will get to you eventually to help you.

Don’t stand on the track!

If you do have an incident, then move off of the track to behind a safety barrier. Don’t just stand there taking photos of your wrecked 3-Series, get off the track and get to safety.

No drifting

It’s forbidden to drift on a public road, and therefore it’s forbidden to drift at the ‘Ring. Even if you’ve got the skills of Lewis Hamilton, one day you’re going to make a mistake and cause a crash. If you’re caught drifting, you’ll get a track ban.

Don’t show off on roads around the track

Yep, you’ve got a fast car and your adrenaline is hitting worrying heights, but that doesn’t mean you can act like a twit on the public roads around the track. Stick to the speed limits with gentle acceleration and braking. Wait until you get on the track to go fast.

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