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8-Year-Old Takes Parent’s Car After Learning To Drive On Youtube

This is probably not what what the people at the McDonald’s drive-through expected to see on a weekday: an 8-year-old boy taking his parent’s car on a ride, accompanied by his four-year-old sister. However, what’s even more spectacular about this story, the employee at the counter actually served him his desired meal.

Learn how to drive – via Youtube

But everything in turn now. A few days ago, a little kid from Ohio decided he didn’t want to be a kid anymore. Well, at the very least, he wanted to drive a car all by himself. As the website reports, he waited till his parents were fully asleep. He then took his sister with him to the parent’s car and drove across four intersections and a railroad track to a nearby McDonald’s. After arriving at the joint, he pulled up to the drive trough and ordered some food for his sister and himself.

According to the police and witness-reports, the boy respected all traffic laws. Finally, somebody who knew the boy’s family noticed him and and called the police. The boy did in fact manage to get his meal at the drive through. Reportedly he paid for it with money he took from his piggybank.

When the police asked him how he’d learned to drive, he told them that he was watching videos on Youtube. Although it stays unknown as how long the boy actually took driving lessons on youtube, one of the police officers on the scene, Jacob Koehler guesses that he “probably looked it up for five minutes and then said it was time to go”.

It is not certain which video the young boy watched, but it must have been something like the one below:

In fact, it proves quite fascinating that a boy of only eight years old manages to do what far to many people don’t: that is, to drive a few blocks without causing an accident.

What do you think? Should the boy be punished for his actions? Or should he be rewarded for his ingenuity? Let us know in the comments down below.

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