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A Toyota GR Corolla Hot Hatch Could Be On Its Way

Toyota is seemingly going to be revealing a high-performance GR version of the Corolla after such a positive reaction to the hot hatch GR Yaris. The report from Auto Express suggests that while it will have the same turbocharged 1.6-litre three-cylinder engine from the Yaris, it’s expected to be detuned from 268bhp to only 250.

This would be a shame, as if anything, we’d expect a higher output to match the larger and more weighty car. Something like that could match the likes of the Honda Civic Type R or even a Focus RS if it’s equipped with a similar AWD system to the GR Yaris.

New Toyota GR Yaris Boasts 257 Horsepower and All-Wheel Drive For Ultimate Hot Hatch Fun
– the Toyota GR Yaris

Despite this, the Corolla is expected to have a six-speed manual gearbox and thanks to its TNGA architecture, the GR Corolla could have some serious chops in the twisties.

Let’s hope Toyota continue the GR branding on more of their models, especially with a high-performance GRMN Supra on the way. Possible, dare I say it, a GR C-HR crossover? Very naughty, but I bet Toyota could have some serious fun with it.

Alex Harrington

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