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Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio: The Lost Star Of Conversation Street

This week’s Conversation Street had an interesting moment (and no, I’m not talking about Jeremy wearing heels. The way it ended was a bit…abrupt, no? To review:

Jeremy: “Can I talk about the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio?”

Richard: “No, because we want to get back to our film.”

Well, let’s talk about it!

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio is most certainly a pretty looking thing, with its Alfa front end and BMW 4 Series-esque back end. The GQ (as I’ll be referring to this car from now on) is built on a completely new platform, and features an aluminum twin turbo V6 developed exclusively by Ferrari techs and producing 505 hp.

Here is a good friend of the boys, Chris Harris, testing out the Alfa:

To clarify, even though Jeremy specifically said “Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio,” he meant the GQ. “Quadrifoglio” is simply a Alfa’s top of the line trim, not a model itself. To differentiate itself from other Giulia trims, the Quadrifoglio features a number of different styling cues, including a GQ specific front end with a carbon fiber front splitter (adjustable) and enlarged air intakes, and a hood with two heat extractor vents.

Alfa GQ

The rear features a carbon fiber spoiler and a rear diffuser, flanked on either side with a quad tip exhaust setup, and a number of Quadrifoglio badges ensures that the GQ is not confused with it’s lower end siblings (I hate the term “lower end,” btw).

I’m neither here or there regarding Alfas since I don’t really see too many (other than a 4C), but I think this looks like a spectacular car, and has the power to match its good looks. I guess the question remains; what was Jeremy going to say about the GQ? Care to take any guesses? Let us know in the comments!

Tony Hsieh

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  1. Good news, Jeremy does test this car in episode nine from Nashville. Let’s just say it is quick, a wee bit tight (wait and see), and an unknown compared to the Jaguar XE supercharged. A fabulous time was had in that audience, and let me just say that I was personally not a fan if this Alfa based on my comment made to Mr. Clarkson myself (wait and see.)

    1. Heathen! Alfa are the last affordable car maker to care about making cars in Europe! The American market is different of course, most American makes make powerful cars that can’t turn correctly! But you get the impression they care!

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