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All-Electric Mustang Shooting Brake Render Could Be The Future Of The Brand

Muscle car fans have been speculating wildly regarding the direction that Ford will go when it comes to the next generation of Mustang. We already know that the electric crossover Mustang Mach-E is on its way and could be paving the way for an all-electric Mustang future.

By the looks of it, Ford is in need of some inspiration for where the Mustang brand is going to head after the Mach-E – with the American car manufacturer enlisting the help of the ‘College For Creative Studies‘ in Detroit to expand on the Mustang brand.

The project asked students to dream up concepts for what an all-electric Mustang might look like between 2030-2035. One interesting creation came from Tianze Yu, who envisioned a zero-emission Mustang shooting brake. When he announced the renders on his Instagram page, he mentioned how its been a difficult semester but has learned a lot – it would appear so and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Tianze becoming a figurehead for car design in years to come.

According to Tianze Yu, the reasoning behind create a Mustang in a shooting brake design was that he believes it would attract a new audience who might not usually associate themselves with Mustang. It still contains a number of features that make it undoubtedly a Mustang including the iconic tri-bar taillights.

To be honest, aside from the tri-bar and of course, the Mustang logo, the rest of the car is pretty unique for a Mustang – Yu has definitely taken inspiration from the Mach-E – which has a softer and more subtle look compared to the usual aggressive-looking Mustangs.

Would you like to see the all-electric shooting brake as the future of Mustang in the next 10-15 years? Let us know in the comments.

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