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An Fi Exhaust Makes The A90 Toyota Supra Sound Like Screaming Animal

There’s plenty we’re not fond of with the new A90 Toyota Supra, but what we love is the huge amount of aftermarket support the new Japanese sports car is already getting. This aftermarket exhaust made by Fi Exhaust packs a real punch and may have changed our minds – we now want the new Supra.

The original exhaust note wasn’t anything special. Yes it sounds like it has a bit of power, but we’re after something more from our inline sixes. We want crackles, and a purr that makes even the angriest of supercars scuttle back to their garages.

The Fi exhaust does just that, replacing all the tubing after the turbo. Plus, if you ever do get tired of the filthy sound (not sure how you would) then you can adjust the in-built valve to quieten it once again.

You can see both of its different settings in the video below. Sit back and enjoy the show.


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