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Angry Woman Launches Attack On Aventador Driver After Rear-Ending Him (UPDATED)

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Everyone loves a supercar, and it’s safe to say everyone loves when people start screaming at supercars. But this is so unbelievable that it’s totally worth a watch just to gawp at and question how someone can be so stupid.

The Lamborghini Aventador involved in the incident was driven by Matt Heller, the founder of Hornblasters. If you didn’t know, Hornblasters is a firm that sells extremely loud horns. It turns out, the woman who rear-ended him probably doesn’t need one, she’s plenty loud herself.

This is one of the most unusual vehicle accident videos we’ve seen, with it beginning from the point of view from Heller. He’s laughing and trying to stay calm after a woman in an Audi has rear-ended him before he pulls up to a gas station.

The driver of the Audi doesn’t quite agree that she’s the one in the wrong, immediately launching a barrage of assault at the supercar driver despite the obvious guilt. The woman leaves her Audi on the roadway and storms up to the Lamborghini, furious.

Heller tells the woman he’s going to phone the police, and this just angers her more as she calls the Aventador an “ugly a** car” and threatens to attack them. She’s eventually retrained by the man she’s with, but she’s still shouting remarks left, right, and centre.

The gas station’s cameras provided the last word in the affair, although the video does not show when the cops arrived. It’s clear that the Audi approaches the definitely-parked Aventador without attempting to brake. I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman was on her phone, and just didn’t want to admit fault, regardless of the corner she found herself in.

Does it get better than this?

Yes, it does – Update

Since this story was plublished, this tale took an unexpected turn when Tiktok user @maddygilsoul1, who identifies herself as the Audi driver in the video, subsequently uploaded her own clip and stated Heller had earlier side-swiped her at traffic lights.

Her video shows black scratch marks down the side of the white Lamborghini.

“Side swiped me while I was at a red light… guess he didn’t want to tell the whole story,” she said in the video.

“Matt Heller went into oncoming traffic at a red light because I didn’t turn left on yellow,” she continued.

Video footage is then shown of the Lamborghini overtaking the Audi in traffic as she waited at a traffic light and almost hitting a cyclist.

It’s safe to say, the plot has thickened. Why did she then continue to rear end the Lamborghini? We’ll update this article when we find out more.

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  1. It does get better. He actually did side swipe her and almost hit a cyclist. Big huge L for this man.

  2. You guys need to update your stories, turns out he was driving reckless and he side swiped her first at an intersection and he almost took out a guy on a bike. She has the video, it’s all o we the web and now she is suing him for defamation.

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