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Appalling Driving Results In Nissan Skyline R34 Slamming Into Wall During Drag Race

The Nissan Skyline R34 GTR is a well known legend these days, with it being many petrolheads’ poster car thanks to The Fast And The Furious franchise films and endless video games where the GTR was always the star of the show.

They’re powerful cars with endless potential on track and on a drag strip. Unfortunately, while the car is more than capable in the right hands, in the wrong hands it can turn into a missile destined for destruction – especially when it’s converted to RWD.

While we have no understanding of how powerful the car is that you’re seeing in the video above, we have a pretty thorough understanding of the driver’s skills behind the wheel. Not only does he bog the car at the beginning enough to make us think he’s simply priming the car, but he then drives off of the most grippy parts of the strip. You can hear the poor clutch control as he changes gears and before you know it, the car is launched to the right and into the wall.

There could be several reasons for this crash, with the first being improper use of the clutch. You can hear the driver changing gear a split second before the car spins, making you wonder whether he accidentally initiated the spin by releasing the clutch to quickly. Earlier in the video it looks as though the car locks its wheels due to poor clutch control, which would support this first idea.

Secondly, it could be that he simply lost traction on the rear wheels and didn’t react fast enough to catch the change of direction.

This was simply an example of bad driving and a good warning to those wanting to run before you can walk.


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