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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Cyclist With SUV – Cyclist At Fault Onlookers Say

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the legendary former Mr. Universe and Hollywood star, made headlines recently due to his involvement in a car accident. Reports say the crash took place in West Los Angeles on a Sunday morning while Arnold was en-route to a planned bike ride.

The actor was driving his GMC SUV when a cyclist abruptly switched lanes, resulting in a collision. While Arnold was unharmed, the female cyclist was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Arnold, at the age of 75, continues to lead an active lifestyle and is known for his dedication to fitness and health. He is often seen working out at the gym and encouraging others to follow suit. In his free time, he likes to take bike rides around Los Angeles.

According to the LAPD, multiple eyewitnesses have verified that the accident was not Arnold’s fault. Speed and impairment were not factors, and the police are investigating the incident as a simple traffic accident that could not have been prevented. The cyclist is reported to have made a sudden lane change, leaving Arnold no time to react and avoid the impact.

The female cyclist was taken to the ER for a check-up due to complaints of pain. Her condition is reported to be stable, but further details about her injuries have not been released. Arnold was seen at the scene, talking to the police and ensuring the woman was okay before leaving. He even went as far as to put the woman’s bicycle on the rear bike rack of his SUV and took it to a shop for repairs.

This latest accident marks the second time in two years that Arnold has been involved in a car crash. In 2022, while driving his GMC Yukon in Los Angeles, he made an illegal left turn and collided with several vehicles, causing injury to one of the drivers.

Despite these incidents, Arnold is well-loved and respected for his kind nature and reputation as a decent person. So far, he has not commented on the recent accident through press channels or social media. However, his fans and supporters are sending well wishes and hoping for a quick resolution to the matter.

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