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Aston Martin Valkyrie: Behind The Wheel For The First Time

YouTuber Mr JWW has been following the production of the Aston Martin Valkyrie (I know, lucky man!) and while the car won’t be hitting the road until next year at least, Aston are keen to keep teasing us with its epic design using JWW as a way to get it in front of us on our screens.

This video dives into the development of this impressive car as it laps Silverstone, while also giving us the very first onboard action we’ve seen from the car that can put down LMP2 levels of performance through its rubber.

Its development was long and tiring, with several issues manifesting due to the strict road rules that would inhibit the hypercar’s full potential. Of course, its downforce was a major hurdle, especially when it needs to run numberplates on a public road. It must be approved by modern safety standards in regards to pedestrians, and this was very challenging for designer and overall genius Adrian Newey who is also behind the Red Bull Formula 1 cars, and many other legendary racing icons.

Aston Martin Valkyrie V12 Screams At Silverstone Circuit In New Video

The heat from the exhaust also had to be dealt with, as the Cosworth-tuned naturally-aspirated V12 was kicking our gasses far too high a temperature, resulting in the rear wing being damaged and a melted numberplate bracket. Eventually it was coated with a product that can deal with high temperatures by an undisclosed company.

The video ends with an onboard video from the driver’s seat of this very special car. The cabin is simplistic in nature, looking like it’s been stolen from an actual racing car. To the left and right of the dashboard sit two screens which act as side mirrors for the driver, displaying the road behind the car, and its V12 screams as it produces 1,160 bhp and 664lb ft of torque at a shrieking 10,500rpm.

We can’t wait to see these things start to pop up outside of the limits of a track, but with only 150 units being sold, it’s unlikely we’ll ever spot one in person. And at a price of £2.6 million, it’s unlikely I’ll ever buy one, either. Especially as each one is already sold.

Alex Harrington

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