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Audi Attempted Overtake Goes Wrong In Viral Video

We’re not fond of car stereotypes here at Grand Tour Nation, we love all car brands equally (well not equally, I’d rather a Ferrari than a Fiat – but you get my point). However we do know that a few of our readers eye brows will be raised when they hear this story of an Audi driving badly…

Now I am in no means saying that Audi drivers are bad drivers, our editor has one and I wouldn’t dare risk my livelihood over such a baseless accusation, but I also cannot deny I’ve heard the claims.. usually from people driving much less desirable cars but hey ho.

Enough of me wittering on, and onto the cold hard journalism. A twitter user by the name of Tony Wilson posted a video from what appears to be the security camera outside his house on a pretty normal looking suburban street. Not much is happening, there is a few people milling about, an old model Mercedes B Class is driving by, all is well.

A man is walking past the camera with his shopping, a tow-truck is driving up the road and all still seems well. And then our Audi driver attempts to overtake said tow-truck and, well, see for yourself:

The Audi appears to attempt an overtake of the tow-truck but cuts the margins too fine clipping the back corner of the truck and therefore flipping the vehicle.

The car continues to role towards the silver Civic in the driveway and thankfully the man carrying his shopping turns at just the right time and is able to make his daring escape – it must have been a few scary seconds for the poor bloke but thankfully it looks like he escaped unharmed, if a bit shaken up.

The Audi roles a few more times and then sets itself to rest on the pavement. This was complete and utter idiotic driving from the Audi driver but nonetheless we hope they are okay and we’re thankful that no one else was hurt.

If there are any silver linings to this debacle.. at least there was a tow truck nearby.

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