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Audi R8 Rental Crashes Into 13 Cars And Breaks In Half In Paris

I wouldn’t say an Audi R8 V10+ is a car that a drive would really have to worry about driving gon the public road. Yes, it has enough power to rotate the earth it sits on, but with its AWD system and endless safety controls, it isn’t a car that only the most advanced drivers would be able to control. Despite this, a rented R8 V10+ was driven into 13 cars in Paris, and the incident left the German supercar in pieces. Literally.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in this horrible looking disaster apart from the driver’s ego of course, but the R8 was obviously written off. The Porsche 911 that was also involved was said to also be rented alongside the Audi.

The front half of the Audi was found several feet away from the rear half, indicating that it was quite the hit, but the driver was still well enough to get his own video of the crash which you can see below.

The police later turned up to assess the damage. So far, we’re unsure what happened to the driver of the R8.

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