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Aventador SV And Murcielago SV Crash At Lamborghini Only Event

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice and although we know it can, the odds of that actually happening are incredibly high. The same could be said when two supercars, each worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, crash into each other… the odds would be even higher if they were the same make.

Well that is what happened a couple of weeks ago when two Aventador’s crashed into each other and now lightening has very much, struck twice. In a second incident, Youtube user, Varryx, has posted a video on the 30th of June, appearing to show a Murcielago SV and an Aventador SV getting too close for comfort as well:

While there is limited information on what the event taking place was, or how this incident happened, it appears the footage is coming from an all-Lamborghini track day. The cars are barely moving and the damage appears to be slight, however the repair cost won’t be considering one of these cars wheels costs most than my monthly London rent. While we’re unsure, it would appear from the video that it was the Aventador who collided with the Murcielago.

If we were hedging our bets, we would imagine that this whole incident was a result of one, if not both drivers not paying attention to the road and therefore causing the bump. You can see from the video that there is quite the crowd at the event and as the old saying goes ‘Lambo drivers sure do love attention’, so maybe were soaking it all up and got distracted? Alright you got me, I made that saying up, but why else would you buy a Lamborghini if you’re not looking to get noticed anyway?

Considering the caliber of the cars involved, we should imagine that both driver will be able to cover the cost of the repair, however, it is still a headache to say the least.

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