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‘Back To The Future’ Fan Receives Ticket For Driving Exactly 88mph In A Delorean

If you ever asked yourself if going exactly 88 mph in a DeLorean would send you “Back to the Future”, well, as it turns out, it doesn’t. At least not, if you don’t own a flux capacitator.

Spencer White, a huge fan of Spielberg’s sci-fi-movie, had to learn this the hard way. Being a fan of “Back to the Future” since he saw the movie in 1985, he had wanted to own a DeLorean for over ten years before finally buying it this year.

After he fullfilled his dream of owning a 1982 DeLorean just about a month ago, he took it for a spin on a californian highway. At first he didn’t plan on driving 88mph – as it is required for time travel in “Back to the Future”. But when he saw that his speedometer already showed 83mph, he decided to go for it. As the local newspaper TheSignal reports, he drove then drove the DeLorean at exactly 88mph – right past a highway-patrol’s speeding gun that clocked at the same speed.

According to White, the officer who stopped him and issued a speeding ticket – as californian highways only allow a max speed of 65mph – was slightly amused and asked him if he had a flux capacitator. “Maybe if I had the flux capacitor he would have let me off,” White told TheSignal. He also announced that he will now keep a flux capacitator in his DeLorean “at all times”.

What do you think? Did White deserve the ticket? Or should the officer led him go anyway? Let us know in the comments below.

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