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Bad Driver Writes Off His Mercedes C63 With Shoddy Drifting On Public Roads

We thought we’d seen our fair share of bad driving on the interwebs, but there is always one more person who has too much confidence and not enough skill. This time, the blame lands on a Mercedes driver who, as usual, was trying to show off.

Somewhere in the Netherlands, the driver of the C63S AMG swung the car around to induce oversteer, but was far too aggressive and overcooked it. Adding plenty of counter steer, the driver pulled the car back straight but instead of straightening the wheels and going on his way, he was too slow.

The car snapped to the left, span, and the rear was launched into the air by a kerb before colliding with a tree in the central reservation.

I’m unsure as to how much a repair like this would cost, or even if it’s an economical option, but it’s safe to say that it would be a pretty penny. With the news of the new Mercedes C63 being powered by a four-pot, we ned all the V8s on the road as we can muster. This type of driving isn’t just stupid and dangerous, but these days it’s also destroying the cars that are no longer going to be built. And that’s very sad.

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      1. And it’s the same on the back number plate…..You might want to watch the whole video from the beginning. 🙂

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