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BMW Driver Goes Mad on Ford F-150 After Attempted Hit And Run

We’ve all been prone to a little road rage, haven’t we? But where do you draw the line? Giving someone the finger? Swearing under your breath? Well, the driver of the BMW 7-Series doesn’t have a line, so when a Ford F-150 hits him and tries to escape, he quickly regrets the decision.

The hit and run occurred Monday evening, North Hollywood, at the intersection of Victory Blvd and Laurel Canyon Road. The F-150 had hit the BMW and tried to flee, but the BMW retaliated. The BMW launched a pursuit on the truck, managing to T-bone it in the middle of the road. While pedestrians ran to safety and cars scrambled to get out of the way of the vehicular warfare that was going on, the BMW pit manoeuvred the truck.

Around 12 hours after the original Instagram video went live, the LAPD announced that there was an arrest for “Assault with a Deadly Weapon”. From the tweet, it’s not clear exactly which driver they had arrested, but we assume it was the BMW driver who launched the attack on the Ford.

No one was injured thankfully, with Victory Elementary School being very close by. Of course, this looks to be happening outside of school hours, but there were plenty of pedestrians around that had to jump out of the way.

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  1. Not surprised, more and more people are driving like they simply do not give a damn about anyone else on the road but themselves. Yesterday saw somebody drive through a pair of red lights jawflapping on the phone, and somebody who drove onto the freeway on the emergency lane bypassing other cars simply because they were too special to wait at the onramp meter light. The speed limit is however fast some fool decides to drive. CHP? never see them anymore, don’t know what they are doing.

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