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BMW M5 F90 SK Performance: The 809HP Super Saloon With Endless Torque

This is the BMW M5 F90 tuned by SK Performance, a tuning shop from the Netherlands. Wrapped in a gorgeous satin green and with carbon fibre accenting around its exterior, it really is a good looking car. With SK Performance working their magic, its equally good looking on paper as it is on the road.

Under the hood sits a 4.4-litre bi-turbo V8 which has undergone a tune alongside more free-flowing filters and de-catted downpipes resulting in a power figure of 809hp and 1,123NM of torque. This incredible level of performance is shovelled through the 8-speed automatic gearbox which has also undergone a tune allowing for ultra fast shifting in order to get power to the tarmac efficiently and quickly.

BMW M5 F90 SK Performance: The 809HP Super Saloon With Endless Torque

The interior sits unchanged with some carbon fibre trim and oceans of leather, and as you can hear from the video above, the car certainly sounds the part. The standard car supplies power to each of the four wheels, and this hasn’t been changed by SK Performance. RWD is selectable (as it also is in the standard car), but with so much torque, you want all the grip you can get, especially if the road is as wet as it is in the video.

The driver of the car states that it can achieve an acceleration from 100-200kph in just 6.22 seconds, which is simply unbelievable. But unfortunately, thanks to the wet conditions, it would be useless to attempt to record a time from 0-60mph. “What a weapon,” he says. And while the exhaust note is perfectly reflective of the performance the car boasts, the droning from the system has been removed by SK Performance so it can be enjoyed on a motorway drive.

BMW M5 F90 SK Performance: The 809HP Super Saloon With Endless Torque

This could very well be the best M5 build we’ve come across. Want us to get our hands on one so we can tell you what it’s like from the driver’s seat? Let us know in the comments.

Alex Harrington

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