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BMW Releases New X6 With Vantablack Paint

BMW has released the first press photos of its third generation X6. They have gone about it in a clever way using Vantablack, a paint that absorbs 99.967% of visible light creating an illusion that the subject is 2 dimensional. VANTA stance for Vertically Aligned Nano Tube Array. Each of the carbon nano tubes are 5000 times thinner than a human hair. A billion of these tubes can fit into a square centimeter, absorbing almost all light that comes in contact with it. It’s mainly used for aerospace tech and observation pieces to see distant galaxies and dimly lit stars. Vantablack has been approached by several car manufacturers to feature their paint but has turned down every one until now.

Vantablack X6

When other companies want to tease a vehicle they release a silhouette, usually back lit, showing a distinct line of the vehicle but being careful not to give away to much. People are known to take these images and boost the shadows to see more details, something that Tesla predicted and prevented with their Model Y release. 

Tesla Model Y Reveal

With Vantablack, BMW keeps the lights on and is able to show off their new X6 with no other detail shown. It’s an interesting tactic and also a little confusing. If you read any of the press releases, people are talking more about the paint and the company that makes it rather than the car itself. I’m even guilty of doing it here. It’s probably because the X6 is just another crossover reveal that no one is really interested in. It looks like BMW has to try something drastic to get people to talk about it. It will be featured at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in September.  

Has BMW fallen short on this reveal? What do you think of the Vantablack paint? Would you do it to your car? Let us know in the comments below!

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