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Bugatti Bolide Gets Track Pods In Insane Off-Road Concept

The Grand Tour may have brought us one of the greatest off-roaders ever, in the form of the brilliant MFB Bentley Continental GT for the Madagascar special, but now a designer has brought us the next best thing. Designed by Yasid Design, this behemoth of a tank started life as a Bugatti Bolide. As if the stock car wasn’t enough with 1,825 horsepower and a scarily light carbon fibre chassis, this off-roading vehicle turns everything up to 12.

This render has been finished in a chrome silver, marred and wounded from its days off-roading through what appears to be a mine.

“The Bugatti Bolide, doesn’t seem to be getting any peace from me recently – this time it’s dropped on some tracks. In order to accommodate these tracks, the bodywork has changed a bit. (A lot, actually) You can see where the differences are if you compare this one to the actual Bolide,” Yasid writes.

“That was a fun one, since @nilspiirma sent me these tracks yesterday and I thought I’d quickly try it on something the least expected, and right now that’s the Bolide. My other choice was a McLaren Speedtail. Maybe one day, lol!”

This isn’t the only Bolide he’s played with, with his second gaining huge off-road tyres with a fifth mounted below the quad exhausts.

Can you imagine how capable this thing would be if Jeremy Clarkson was to take it on the next Grand Tour special?

Yasid is no stranger to a render,and by just flicking through his Instagram page you can see the hours he’s put into his designs. From off-roaders to slammed muscle cars, he’s done everything, so do yourself a favour and check it out yourself.

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