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C8 Corvettes Now Have A Carbon Fiber Widebody Kit To Fawn After

I know how you guys like your cars, thick and juicy. As a matter of fact, Alandi Motors knows that too, so they’ve released what they call the Centurion Widebody Kit for the Chevy Corvette C8.

It’s a carbon fiber set of limited edition editions, which will make any C8 stand out above the crowd of regular “legionnaire” Corvettes.

Additionally, the carbon fiber is prepreg, meaning that the resin is impregnated prior to the molding of the carbon, which makes it much better.

In other words, this is top-notch carbon fiber, which will cost you, but has higher strength and lower weight.

The kit is made up of four stages, with the fourth including all of the more basic kits.

They feature a rear-wing, top air-intake scoops, rear-fender scoops, side skirts, front-bumper side inserts, hood inserts, rear view mirror covers, central air intake cover, front lip spoiler, rear-bumper side air ducts, rectangular exhaust tips, and a rear aerodynamic diffuser.

All nineteen pieces together don’t have a price yet, but when I add up the pieces included in the Stage 4 kit, it comes out to $8,250.

That’s quite the ticket for this sleek looking aero-kit, but at the end of the day it will be exclusive. Alandi now has a limited edition up for preorder, if you’re interested!


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